Making Cosplay Armour: Part 1

Hello everyone!

So! Let’s just get this out of the way. I am Canadian, and the way I spell ‘armor’ is armour. So, no, I am not spelling armour wrong.

You want to make cosplay armour, do you? Well, I hope you have patience and time, because let me tell you, you’ll need to have every ounce of patience you can muster up, and you better start a couple months in advanced especially if it’s your first time doing a piece of armour.

My first tip, before you start actually building anything is simple: find as many reference photos as you can for the armour set. Find pictures of every which side you can, if you are referencing a movie, play the movie and take pictures. Play the game and take screen shots or pictures as you are playing it. Do this for every source of media that you are building the armour from and find every angle. There is nothing worse than thinking you have everything you need and then realizing: hey you forgot this entire piece on the back, and then having no way to go back and edit it in without needing to redo the entire thing (or just give up and say that it’s not that important and it’ll be mostly covered up anyways so shh…)hawke-01-o

For my Hawke cosplay that I am currently working on, I used a couple different resource
s (you can check out here to see my progress on cosplays!). I found a blog on tumblr that has game extractions from all of the dragon age games, and on it had a Marian Hawke 360 turn around and different side pictures of the character model. I also used the concept art of Garrett Hawke, since the two armours are identical.

Now all you need to do is gather the materials! You can find numerous other blogs that suggest different materials and techniques, so I am just going to inform you of what I used, and if you think that you could find a simpler technique or material you can run off into the wild depths of the internet and then return and send me that info! I may have been cosplaying since 2008 but that doesn’t mean I know everything.

Now, I am going to make a list of everything that we have used for our cosplays (and how much we got it for). Then I will list off what each material is used for. Just so it is more organized and you can get the gist of it all without being too overwhelmed. (I’ll be posting a tutorial when I have finished my chest piece for Hawke)

  • Warbla – 3 small sheets 19’x29′ = $75.71 CAD (Discounted due to the fact they didn’t have any large sheets available at the time. Got an extra 18’x28′ for 30 cheaper than the large sheets woo!) My sister got a large sheet which is 39’x59′ for about 90 some dollars.
  • Craft foam (12 sheets) – $8.97 CAD
  • EVA foam (package of 4) = $13.97 CAD
  • Metallic gold spray paint – $8.97 CAD
  • Metallic silver spray paint – $8.97 CAD
  • Wood glue 400ml – $9.57 CAD
  • Hot glue gun (already owned)
  • Glue sticks (already owned)
  • Paint brush (already owned)
  • Black acrylic paint (already owned)
  • Heat gun (already owned)

Since this post is fairly long below, I am putting in a read more!

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January Cosplay Update

Hey everyone!

I’m making decent progress on my Hawke cosplay, and I have only until April to complete it. Surprise! I was informed last Wednesday that we were going to be competing at Calgary Expo instead of Otafest like I thought. So, a six month project has whittled itself down to 87

I can do this! I need to not be negative!

I have actually gotten a lot done so far. I have all the templates for all of my armour piecs (so far as I am aware, you never know!), I have completed the tunic, except for weathering. I have also started on the chest piece, I have glued most of it together, and just need to finish it off with some clay to sharpen edges, and then some paint and weathering effects!

I have decided to go with the Bloodline staff from the Legacy DLC. That way if I go to a convention with more strict policies on weapons, I am able to bring the staff since it won’t have anything that looks like a knife on it. (Protip: Always check your conventions weapons guideline before making a weapon. Sure, taking photos outside of the convention is fun, but it is massively disappointing when you bring a weapon to a convention and you aren’t able to use it except in specific areas…)

The Staff will be secondary to the actual costume and if I don’t have it then whatever. I’ll make do.

The materials I have purchased so far is as followed:

  • Wooden rod – $14.97 CAD20160201_112611_crop
  • Black Broadcloth – $3.85 CAD / Metre (4 metres purchased = $15.40 CAD)
  • Red Broadcloth – $3.85 CAD / Metre (3.4 Metres purchased = $13.09 CAD)
  • Brown Faux Leather $8.75 / Metre (2.5 metres purchased = $21.87 CAD)
  • Warbla – 3 small sheets 19’x29′ = $75.71 CAD (Discounted due to the fact they didn’t have any large sheets available at the time. Got an extra 18’x28′ for 30 cheaper than the large sheets woo!)
  • Thread (black and light brown) = $3.78 CAD
  • Grommets = $5.97 CAD
  • Grommet Tools = $3.97 CAD
  • Assorted Foam = $20.00 CAD

I will be posting tutorials for making armour out of foam within the next week. The first one will be how to get started, i.e templates and picking out the right materials! Stay tuned for that 😀

As always, stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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Working on Cosplay

Hello everybody!

I have actually started on my Marian Hawke cosplay! I’m out of the planning stage and into the ‘shit I totally didn’t notice that detail in the planning’ stage! Shortly to come my ‘omg I only have how many more days?’ stage!

There are two references I am currently using: concept art, and game extract.

The game extract is so useful. I recommend finding this if you are cosplaying a character from a video game. The concept art picture I have been using is great for the arm armour. I will be posting a tutorial for the armour as I work on it.  Since I cannot find any tutorial for the armour past the hand pieces.

There is still so much I need to do, haha, but I have gotten a lot done in the past couple days. I finished all templates for the armour, have 20160124_202358sewn the back of the tunic together pictured to the side (it still needs to be weathered) and have gotten the front started. I just need to add detailing, and then weather it as well. Everything needs to be weathered haha. I have also cut out the pieces of armour into foam which will have warbla added on top of it.

I have purchased the wooden dowel for the staff, but nothing else for it yet. I will be purchasing black paint (or a really dark black wood stain depending on how well it will blend with the dragon heads).

Though, I purchased a darker leather for the leather straps and belt and realized my mistake. This weekend I’ll have to go back to Fabricland and purchase some lighter stuff. Ugh. And the leather I bought was on sale as well D: oh well, the hardships of a cosplayer.

Wish me luck guys!

As always, stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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App Review: Cosplanner

Hey everyone!

Today, I am going to be reviewing the app ‘Cosplanner’.

For those of you who are unaware of this app, you can get it for iOS or android devices. All for a great price of…$0.00! Yes, that’s right. It’s free. Which honestly, is a selling point for me. I must admit that I am very cheap when it comes to apps. If this app had a way to make a donation after I purchased it, I totally would.

Now, for the actual function of the app!

Cosplanner is very simple to use, simply download it, and begin! You are able to start a new cosplay, and plan everything for it. Including, but not limited to: what you need to buy, what you need to make, and what steps you need to take to make each portion of the cosplay.

Then as you delve deeper, you can also manage how much individual items within the project will cost. How long you estimate it should take you. You can also put in how much you money and time you spent on each step. Once you complete a step, such as styling a wig, you add to a total completion percentage towards that cosplay. You literally see how much you have finished and how much you still need to do.

There is also three slots for photos; reference, progress, and completed! They are all self explanatory really, you upload concept or other reference photos that you may use during the creation of your cosplay, and then as you work on it you can upload progress photos of each step, and then when you take photos in it you are able to put it in the ‘completed’ portion of the photos.

I used this app for my Princess Chibiusa cosplay, and it was great. Though, procrastination won out in the end! The app was helpful and it showed me exactly what I had finished and what I still needed to do. Which, when the entire cosplay is pink, you will need to keep track of what you have finished and what you still need to do.

I give this app 9/10. It would’ve gotten a 10 in my books if it had the feature to share your progress with friends. It would be great to see your friends progress in cosplays. A feature such as this would also be pretty great for more famous cosplayers who want to share their progress with those who follow their cosplays!

If you end up trying it, or have tried it in the past, let me know!

As always, stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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Update: Hawke Cosplay

Hey everyone!

So, it looks like I won’t be able to start actually working on my Hawke cosplay until 2016. However, that gives me more time to plan how much f4f0244e6f1bf98635f26a8407c3143capproximately it will cost, and what sort of materials I need to purchase and utilize for this cosplay.

The only thing I currently have is the wig. I will
be reusing the wig that I wore for Kirito. Although, I may end up going and purchasing an all new wig if I feel like it isn’t working the way that I want it to.

Everything else for this cosplay, I will need to start shopping and planning for. Such as purchasing EVA foam to craft the armor shape, warbla, leather, fur, plastic links to make the chain mail, and miscellaneous detail pieces such as buckles. For the pants I will most likely just be wearing a dark pair of jeans or something of the sort for both comfort and the concept photos do look like Hawke has jeans on. Not going to lie.

Have any of you cosplayed as Mage Hawke before? Feel free to share tips, tricks, tutorials, or reference photos! A cosplayer can never have enough of any of those! 😀

(If anyone knows where I can get fairly decent quality fake fur that is on the cheaper end? (Not like $30+ a yard or whatever.) Preferably in a dark grey or black colour? That would be super helpful.)

As always, stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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Hawke Cosplay 2k16

Hey everyone!

Now for what this blog is all about! Cosplay! *trumpets sound*

I’m going to be starting my Hawke cosplay from Dragon Age 2 in a couple weeks
(hopefully before 2016), and will be posting more and more about the preparation and upcoming cons I’ll be going to! I’ll be going with my sister, katkrisis, and my friend, Chey! My sister will be cosplaying her Inquisitor Lavellan, and – don’t quote me on this, but I believe Chey will be cosplaying as the Warden from the first game.

Now, this will be my first armor cosplay, but I’m going to do everything in my power to make it look like it’s at least my second. Since there will be a bunch of different materials used, it’ll be a challenge but I’m willing to face it!

If I have time I will also make a stave, which for mage Hawke most people use the Staff of Parthalan. However, I kinda want to make the Eye of the Storm staff, or something like that. Just because I like the look of it, and if I could actually make that it would be bad ass!

From now on, there will be more posts about my cosplay instead of random posts. I have already decided to make some time lapse videos of making parts of the cosplay and post them when I make an update post! I’ll also include links to tutorials that I use.

As always, stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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Japan Trip: Part 1

Hello everyone!

I got back to Canada on the 23rd, but due to jet lag I haven’t had the will to post anything new. Sorry about that! Now that I am back, I will post a little more information about what I did in Japan and my thoughts on the experience, after all, I have never left north america before this.

We visited Tokyo for 9 days. The hostel we stayed at wasn’t all that great in terms of the actual room we stayed in. It felt little more than a broom closet with two bunkbeds shoved into it. Which is why I’m not going to mention the name of the hostel in this post. Since it was so small, we were all stepping over each other every time we wanted to move around, and getting down from a bunkbed when you are still tired in the morning is not exactly happy fun times. But I digress.

While at Tokyo, we visited three major prefectures within the city; Akihabara, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. Akihabara is essentially nerd district. It has so many different stores, ranging from anime, to figurines, to electronics. If I were to go back to Japan, I would defiently want to return to Akihabara to peruse through those stores again.

In nearly direct opposite of Akihabara, is Shibuya. Most people know of Shibuya because of it’s crossing, and let me tell you that the crossing is crazy. It’s literally every which way and people don’t even use the crosswalks to move about and just walk wherever they please. It was a bit overwhelming. We didn’t stay too long in Shibuya, simply because there wasn’t too much we wanted to do there as it is more of the fashion centre. A lot of clothing stores and a lot of really fashionable people. We did eat lunch at a cafe in the 109 called ‘Ma Maison’, the food was filling and service was pretty dang good!

In Shinjuku, we just went really for the park /garden and the 8-Bit cafe. Although, we hadn’t realized the cafe only opened late, so when we went we got lost and then figured out it wouldn’t open for another 8 or so hours. Disappointing, but entirely our fault for not checking the time. The park, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, cost us ¥200 to enter and I was glad to pay. It was beautiful, even if we only checked out the Japanese garden section, we had no interest in the French or English gardens since…you know. Canadian.

We also went to Tokyo Disney, the Sailor Moon Musical: Un Nouveau Voyage, the Sky Tree, and Tokyo Tower which is a whole ‘nother can of worms, in which I’ll be making a post about later on to talk about! As they were specific events.

Tokyo is a place that I probably would only do a day to if I was already in Japan visiting another city. It was pretty stressful due to the immense size of the city, the countless train systems, and all the people there. However, I would definitely do Kyoto again.

I will tell you where we stayed in Kyoto. Gion Ryokan Q-Beh. It was also a hostel, but a bit more expensive than the one we stayed at in Tokyo, and I am so glad we splurged a bit more for this hostel. The room w stayed in was the ‘Ryu’ [りゅ] room, and was the largest in the hostel, being nearly 3 times as large as our Tokyo hostel room. You can see some of the rooms and areas if you use HostelWorld to search it up.

Besides the hostel, Kyoto was a really relaxed portion of our trip. We simply walked along the shops in a more traditional part of the Higashiyama Ward. Saw so many temples, and ate so much candy and food from there. We got our caricatures done, and were dressed in Kimonos, and didn’t stress out about how we were going to get from place a to place b. It was amazing, and though not a lot happened, I could go on and on about Kyoto and it’s really calm atmosphere in the area where we stayed.

Most likely I will make a post solely on Kyoto later on.

It took us nearly 30 hours of travel time there and back, so no surprise that my jet lag struck me hard, especially on the way back. Since Japan is 15 hours ahead of where I live, returning to Canada has been a mess. I haven’t yet been able to fall asleep sooner than around 2 in the morning since I got back.

Now, I’m going to start getting ready to go to work for the first time in 20 days. I’ll leave you with some photos.

As always, stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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Up and Coming!

I decided to knuckle down and actually post some more content on this page. Not because too many people are reading at this point, but because I want to set goals for myself and strive to reach them. Mostly writing goals, because let’s face it, even my actions to prevent procrastination that I post the other day don’t always work 100%. Part of it is just the motivation to do it, and let’s face it, I am not always motivated or inspired to write about something.

So, here is what I am planning on making posts about within the next couple months!

  • Japan Trip (locations, pictures, food!)
  • Cosplay (My own upcoming cosplay project, Hawke from Dragon Age 2)
  • Cosplaying Tips + Tricks for Beginners
  • Con Tips + Tricks for Beginners
  • Book/Movie/Game Reviews!

That’s just about everything that I have planned that is solid. However, there will still be plenty of random posts about…well just about anything!

For the reviews, those probably won’t be set in stone or anything, since for movies I don’t see many new ones, and for games it takes me a while to play them. For books, however, I have a huge stack of books that I can already review and it’s going to be great!

As always, stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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Destroying Procrastination, tomorrow.

Hey everyone!

So, lately I’ve been…procrastinating hardcore. Putting things off that I probably shouldn’t have, and I want to share some of the ways that I’m using to try to cut my bad habits off at the head.

First off:

Habitica is basically like…an RPG. You have a character and you level up and get cool gear along the way by completing tasks or habits. You can gain experience and coin by completing the tasks, but if you don’t complete a task, you can actually lose health to your character.

My character is level three, and honestly, I find this incredibly helpful. I have been using this for about a week now and have done stuff that would normally be put off until the last-minute or never done at all. I just find it more rewarding than other ways of trying to create habits or force myself to do tasks that I normally would find too boring to do.



This one does cost money, obviously. Purchase a whiteboard. I think this one cost me about 30 dollars, (including the stuff to hang the whiteboard up and the markers). I used this one before I found habitica, and it had varying effectiveness. Obviously because there was no consequence to not finishing what was on the board, however, combining this with habitica, I have honestly found it to work better.

I can pretend habitica doesn’t exist, or I could pretend the white board doesn’t exist, however because I have both I can’t forget what I put on habitica, and I can’t forget what was on the whiteboard. So, all in all it’s great.

If you can’t afford a white board a notepad near something you use everyday also works really well.

Those are what I’m currently using to combat my horrible procrastination. What are some other methods?

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Japan Trip

Exciting news!

I, as well as Chey and my sister, Katie, are going to Japan in September. We’re going for two weeks and have nearly everything booked already. (Which honestly, isn’t much.) We’ll be staying in two different Hostels, and going to Disneyland there.

While there, I am planning on taking a bunch of photos, and videos. Chey will be no doubt doing the same. So, there will be an onslaught of Japan related posts coming through here.

This is exciting for me, since I have never actually been on a vacation without my parents thus far. So, to be going all the way to Japan, which is nearly halfway around the world, is amazing. It’s also quite intimidating…

But who cares? Live life to the fullest, get shit done, be free before you have a bunch of things tying you down like being an adult for instance. (Yes, I understand that I am ‘legally’ an adult, but I refuse to admit that I am out loud. Loans are already starting to creep into my life and I don’t like it.)

I’ve got a few posts that are about travelling that I will be posting over the next couple weeks until we leave. This is so exciting.

Stay safe, and give the follow button a click to keep up to date with my blog and all that is happening in my life!

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